Egyptian Mint Limeade Drink ~ paleo, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, dairy free

 My husband and I like limeade better then lemonade!

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So when Egypt won the vote on my cousins Facebook cooking group I had to make this yummy cooling summer drink.

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I love limes! and it sounded so delicious the refreshing tangy lime paired with the cooling mint make a great combination in this Egyptian drink.

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In Egypt they love! Tea it’s a vital part of daily life and folk etiquette in Egypt. They drink it with breakfast and drinking it after lunch is a common practice. A people after my own tea loving heart.

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A common drink made in Egypt is an infusion of hot lemonade/Limeade in which mint leaves have been steeped and sweetened with honey and used to combat a mild sore throat. My recipe is a cold refreshing twist on the original.


Egyptian Mint Limeade Drink


¼ cup honey, add more to taste

1 -2 tbsp mint leaves cut into strips

zest of 2 limes

1/4 cup very warm water

½ cup fresh squeezed lime juice (approximately 6 to 8 limes,)

2 cups water cold

2 cups sparkling water cold




Prepare the mint by rolling all the leaves together and cutting them into strips.  Reserve a few leaves for garnish.

Pour the honey into a glass pitcher, add the cut mint leaves and lime zest muddle them with the honey with a wooden or silicone spoon.

Pour the warm water into the pitcher and stir with the spoon until the honey is mostly dissolved.

Cut the limes in half and juice them with a press or by hand into the glass pitcher. Keep a few slices of lime for garnishing the glass.

Add the water and sparkling water to the pitcher and stir until all the honey has dissolved completely.

Pour into glasses and Garnish with mint leaves and lime slices. Serve and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Egyptian Mint Limeade Drink ~ paleo, gluten free, grain free, sugar free, dairy free

  1. I agree completely Katie. I’m a huge foodie myself and the paleo diet really makes it easy for me to cook food that’s healthy but also tastes good and that i enjoy creating as a chef and foodie. I agree that people forget or just don’t know that diet food doesn’t have to be boring.


  2. This look absolutely delicious! Thank you for the recipe. i’ll have to try this myself sometime soon!

    The point of the Paleo diet is, and I feel some people forget this, to not only diet, but to eat delicious foods at the same time. It’s the only diet I’ve come across that cuts out food groups, yet still focusses on everyone’s need to eat great food.

    I’m a real foodie, and would not survive on any other diet, but Paleo has been very good for me. I’ve written about one of my favourite cookbooks:


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