Karjalanpaisti (Finnish Karelian Stew) ~ Paleo, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, nut free

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Traditionally prepared for festive occasions this hearty Finnish stew is made with root vegetables and spices such as bay leaves and allspice.


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It can be made with a combination of beef, pork, or lamb I chose to use beef and lamb in my version.


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 Have I mentioned I love!!!! stew!!! Love it! I can’t get enough of stews and soups! And I love making them all the time, I could probably eat my weight in soup! 

so when Finland got chosen a few months ago for the cooking group I belong to and I found this dish I decided to saved this post for when it got colder. 


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 Now this Delicious hearty stew is traditionally cooked in a sarpaneva (A Cast Iron Covered Casserole dish with a lid and a wooden handle) and served with small boiled potatoes and lingonberry preserves for a Finnish holiday dinner.

But I just used an oven safe pan and we just eat it the way it is, hearty, with herbs and yummy root vegetable sweetness.

Karjalanpaisti (Karelian Stew)

Serves 6 to 8 or 2 people for a long time!


2 pound beef stew meat, (trimmed of fat and cut into medium cubes)
1 pound lamb stew meat, leg of lamb or lamb shoulder, trimmed of fat and cut into medium cubes
6 pieces of uncured bacon cut in to large pieces 
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp ground allspice
3 -4 tablespoons olive oil, as needed
1 large onion, cut into medium dice,
4 medium stalks of celery chopped medium diced
4 medium carrots, cut diagonal
2 medium parsnips, cut diagonal
2 bay leaves
3 to 4 cups beef broth, as needed to cover the stew

Preheat the oven to 300°.

Season the meat (lamb and beef) with the spices ~ salt,pepper,garlic powder,onion powder and allspice. Pour a thin coat of the olive oil (about 3 tbsp) into a Dutch oven or large pot (I used a large oven safe pot). Set the pot over medium-high heat on the stove top. When the oil gets hot, add the meat in batches without crowding the pan and brown on all sides. Remove the meat to a medium bowl as the pieces finish browning. Repeat to brown all the meat and adding more oil as needed.

Add the bacon to the pan and cook until browned, then place the cooked bacon with the bowl with the other meat.

Add the onions, celery, carrots, parsnips, bay leaves to the pot and cook until the onions start to turn translucent.

then add the browned meat to the pot. Pour in enough broth to almost cover. Place the uncovered pot in the oven and cook 2 1/2 hours. Cover the pot and continue cooking until the meat is about falling-apart tender and the carrots and onion have broken down enough to help thicken the sauce, about 2 1/2 hours longer.

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