About Me

Hi! I’m Sheena, and I’m the Paleo Fox, Chef, recipe developer, food photographer, and writer behind this blog! I live in Grand junction, CO and I have a passion for creating delicious, nutritious food using fresh, local, organic ingredients without the grains, gluten, soy or dairy.

The path to physical and spiritual health can be discovered through exploring a simpler lifestyle
that embraces the relaxing and refueling of our mind, body and spirit.
 I seek to embrace the ideal of pursuing health and a calm and relaxed spirit and happy life through simple, delicious recipe’s, a balance of calming meditation through the art of tai chi and yoga as well as keeping my body active and strong through weight lifting exercise.
I try to apply these ideals to my life as a woman, a wife, and a mother. (to my fluffy children aka pets)

  I believe food can be medicine when used in the correct way and that if you make a few healthy food changes now they can become benefits to your health later.

I want everyone to know that healthy food does not need to be flavorless and boring, which I will share with you through my recipes.

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Our Journey to Health

My story with food and nutrition goes back to when I was a child and my mother always tried to keep us healthy. I watched her slowly choose better options for my brothers and I by giving us homeopathic medicines keeping us away from hormones in our milk and changing are diets to organic foods.


After I became an adult and got married I had to start doing all the cooking for my husband and myself this led me to the discovery that cooking was awesome! and I loved it! but we didn’t really keep to the healthy eating example I was given by my mother. I spent 4 years in sunny California with my husband who was in the navy at the time. During our time there I had many health issues, I was diagnosed with a mutated parathyroid which had to be removed, calcium kidney stones caused by the parathyroid, which also had to be removed and then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which turned out to be a misdiagnoses (unlike my mother who does have fibromyalgia) it was instead Myofascial pain syndrome but I didn’t find that out until 5 years later. I was able to cure my Myofascial pain syndrome by going to physical therapy, practicing the art of tai chi, meditating, and changing my diet to all organic foods.


All the sickness I went through caused me to become obsessed with being as healthy as I could be, so after my husband and I moved back home to Grand junction CO. I started changing our diet to organic foods, and since I loved cooking and wanted a better understanding of nutrition and how to cook I went to the culinary school at Colorado Mesa University and got my degree in the culinary arts.


After graduating culinary school and learning lots of awesome cooking Technique’s I started cooking lots of delicious new dishes. We had been eating organic for years, but we hadn’t gone completely gluten or grain free though. So, my husband had gained a bit of weight and it didn’t seem to matter how much he worked out or how much dieting he did, the weight didn’t want to come off and then I was diagnosed with a gluten, and dairy sensitivity in 2013. Plus, we had a few medical conditions on both sides of the family that could be prevented if we changed our diets. So right away I started changing my husbands and my diet to a semi-paleo diet, a gluten, grain, soy, sugar free and semi dairy free diet. This led us to discover that are bodies were happier and healthier eating this way. Plus, it was fun cooking and eating all the yummy and healthy foods that I had never tried before. My husband started losing the weight, and my body loved the change we both have more energy and feel healthier every day. We’ve been questioned by friends and family for this unique choice. But listening to our own bodies, we know it is the right thing for us.


What you will find on my blog

We are semi paleo eaters, we are not what you would call purist paleo eaters. This entails that we eat mostly paleo NO gluten, NO grains, NO Legumes and NO refined sugars

We do “Cheat” and will eat some dairy, we do drink tea and sometimes coffee.  But I will always have a substitute or other option for the non~dairy and the more strict paleo diets, in my recipes so no worries.

Also if you have any question don’t be afraid to ask me!


If your new to the paleo diet and your not quite sure what all the uproar is about, being a Nerd myself plus my husband has quite the obssesion with lego’s.  We very much like this post from Steve Kamb at the nerd fitness website which tells about the paleo diet for beginners with some very entertaining Lego pictures lol!

Nerd Fitness The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet


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